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Find All Locked Out Accounts

Use Saved Queries to quickly locate all locked out user accounts. You can use the Saved Queries feature of Windows Server 2003 to query Active Directory for any locked-out accounts. Just open the Active Directory Users and Computers console, right-click on Saved Queries in the console tree and select New –> Query. Type a name […]

BitLocker To Go Encrypts Portable Flash Drives in Windows 7

The BitLocker feature was introduced in Windows Vista and allowed you to encrypt the content of your hard drive.  Now in Windows 7 they offer BitLocker To Go which allows you to encrypt portable USB flash drives. First open up My Computer and Right-click on the flash drive you want to encrypt and select Turn […]

How to configure the LDAP settings in Gateway Security 8.1 to perform Invalid recipient protection and for authentication while logging into the user self managed quarantine folder.

   Description This document contains procedures that will help you: Configure the LDAP settings in Gateway Security 8.1 to perform Invalid Recipient Protection. Successfully authenticate while logging into the user’s self-managed Quarantine folder. Solution From the Manager console go to Filtering -> Settings -> Enterprise Settings -> LDAP template. Click on the Add button to […]