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Microsoft® My Phone – Sync your Windows Mobile 6 online

Back up phone information to a password-protected web site Microsoft My Phone syncs information on your mobile phone to a storage space on a web site hosted by Microsoft. If your phone is lost or stolen, or if you upgrade to a new phone, you can easily restore the contacts, calendar appointments, photos, and other […]

Can my PC run Windows 7?

You may be able to run Windows 7 on your current PC. Here’s how to find out. Download and run the Upgrade Advisor In general, if your PC can run Windows Vista, it can run Windows 7. But if you’re not running Windows Vista, or are just not sure if your system is ready to […]

How to Enable Standard Journaling – Exchange 2000

It is recommended that you designate a dedicated Exchange server as the journaling server. Additionally, if you use a dedicated journaling server, you do not have to enable standard journaling on the server. Enable journaling only on those servers with mailbox stores for which you want to journal. Before You Begin Review your overall journaling […]