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Office 2007 Breaks Spell Check: French Only

Run Setup from another Office installation disk. Select “Custom Install”. You’ll have to insert your Product Key. Turn Off ALL of the product installations. (Right-Click icon and select “Not Available”) Under “Office Shared Features”, set “Proofing Tools” to “Run all from My Computer”  This should install the English, French, and Spanish dictionaries.  English alone would probably […]

My ESET firewall is blocking the HomeGroup feature in Windows 7. How do I fix it?

If the Windows 7 HomeGroup feature is having difficulty connecting to other users, your ESET Smart Security Perasonal firewall may be blocking the connection. To allow HomeGroup connectivity, you will need to create rules on every computer protected by the ESET Smart Security firewall on the network. Open the main program window by clicking the […]

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