HDMI vs DisplayPort | Specifications (Resolution, Refresh Rate, and Bandwidth)

 VersionBandwidthResolutionRefresh rate
HDMI1.0-1.24.95 Gbps1080p60 Hz
 1.3-1.410.2 Gbps1080p144 Hz
   4K30 Hz
 218.0 Gbps1080p240 Hz
   4K60 Hz
 2.148 Gbps4K144 Hz
 1.0-1.110.8 Gbps1080p144 Hz
   4K30 Hz.
 1.221.6 Gbps1080p240 Hz
   4K75 Hz
 1.332.4 Gbps1080p360 Hz
   4K120 Hz
   5K60 Hz
   8K30 Hz
 1.432.4 Gbps8K60 Hz HDR
 280.0 Gbps16K60 Hz HDR
   10KHDR off at 80 Hz
as of 2021
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