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Slow Outlook 2016 Autodiscover with Office 365 or Internal Exchange Server

In case you run into slow account setup with Outlook 2016, which can take up to 10 mins or more. To workaround this issue, you may use the following Registry settings to force Outlook to bypass the root domain discovery and redirect to the autodiscover CNAME or A record to resolve the address for autodiscover […]

Cannot open this item. The text formatting command is not available. It may not be installed correctly. Install Microsoft Office Outlook again

Symptoms When you try to open an email message in Microsoft Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010, or Outlook 2007, you receive the following error message: Cannot open this item. The text formatting command is not available. It may not be installed correctly. Install Microsoft Outlook again. Microsoft Solution for this avilable Some say that computer […]

Can’t remove Hyper-V Backup Checkpoint/Snapshot from VM

Hyper-v 2012R2 uses checkpoints to aid the backup process of VM’s. These checkpoints are created and deleted by the backup Process, the actual checkpoint can not be deleted using hyper-V manager GUI and will not show up in SCVMM at all. Why you may ask? Well the reason is simple these checkpoints are actually differencing […]

How to open the firewall port for SQL Server on Windows Server 2008/R2

              Click Start, click Run, type cmd, and then click OK. At the command prompt, use the cd command to move to the folder in which you saved the OpenSqlServerPort.bat file. To run the SQLopenports.bat script, type SQLopenports.bat at the command prompt, and then press Enter. [DOWNLOAD] Applies to Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition Microsoft […]

Killing a Windows Service that seems to hang on “Stopping”

It sometimes happens (and it’s not a good sign most of the time): you’d like to stop a Windows Service, and when you issue the stop command through the SCM (Service Control Manager) or by using the ServiceProcess classes in the .NET Framework or by other means (net stop, Win32 API), the service remains in […]

Archive items manually – Outlook 2010

  An efficient way to reduce the size of your Outlook Data File (.pst) or Exchange mailbox is to regularly archive older items. Unlike a traditional backup in which a copy of Outlook items is made, archived items are moved to a separate Outlook Data File (.pst). Archived items can be accessed at any time […]

How to manually remove all of WSUS

1. Please download and install the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility msicuu2.  To install it simply run msicuu2.exe. 2. Once it is installed go to Start>All Programs>Windows Install Clean Up 3. Scroll through the options and highlight Microsoft Windows Server Update Services 3.0 4. Click remove 5. Open a command prompt and run the following commands: […]

Resource Coordinators: Enabling and Disabling the Offline Address Book

that you disable Outlook’s ability to download the Offline Address Book by using the steps outlined in the Disable the Offline Address Book section. Doing so will allow you to see resources in the GAL within a few minutes of creating them using the Resource Coordinator Tools. Otherwise, Outlook stores a “cached” copy of the […]

Office 2007 Breaks Spell Check: French Only

Run Setup from another Office installation disk. Select “Custom Install”. You’ll have to insert your Product Key. Turn Off ALL of the product installations. (Right-Click icon and select “Not Available”) Under “Office Shared Features”, set “Proofing Tools” to “Run all from My Computer”  This should install the English, French, and Spanish dictionaries.  English alone would probably […]

Copy the names in AutoComplete to another computer

Important You must exit Outlook before starting the following procedure. The names will be included in AutoComplete when you restart Outlook. On the computer with the saved AutoComplete names, go to drive:\Documents and Settings\user name\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook. Note Depending on your file settings, this folder might be hidden. To view the files in this folder, do […]

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