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Rename SharePoint Server 2010 (in a domain)

The following steps are necessary for renaming the computer or changing the domain: Step 1: Update Alternative Access Mappings a. Open Central Administration -> Operations -> Alternate access mappings b. Modify each mapping item to reflect your newly chosen server name (<newname>) Step 2: Use stsadm to migrate ConfigDatabase a. Open a command prompt window […]

Remove Saved Passwords on windows xp

Windows XP does not offer a very easy way to review or remove the saved passwords though. If you follow the steps below though you can access a graphical interface to add, remove or edit the saved passwords on a given system. 1. Click Start and select Run 2. In the Open field type “rundll32.exe […]

How to Increase the number of remembered servers remote desktop list (Remote desktop Recent list)

In order to increase this value: Right click on your Windows button and select Properties Click the Start Menu tab and click the Customize button Down at the bottom you will see the Start menu size options including the “recent programs to display” and the “recent items to display in Jump Lists:” value Increase the size of […]

Can I uninstall Windows 8 Release Preview?

No. To go back to your previous version of Windows, you’ll need to reinstall it from the recovery or installation media that came with your PC; typically DVD media. If you don’t have recovery media you might be able to create it from a recovery partition on your PC using software provided by your PC […]

Internet Explorer 10 Release Preview

                Where do I find my favorites? Internet Explorer 10 doesn’t use the traditional Favorites from previous versions. Instead, you can pin websites to the Start screen or open a list of pinned sites and frequently visited sites using New tab. If you open Internet Explorer for the […]

I can’t find the Internet Explorer 10 tile on the Start screen. How do I get it back?

        Internet Explorer 10 might have accidentally become unpinned. To pin it back to your Start screen, follow these steps: Swipe in from the right edge of the screen, and then tap Search. (If you’re using a mouse, point to the upper-right corner of the screen, and then click Search.) Enter Internet […]

Internet Explorer 10 Release Preview – Why don’t toolbars and add-ons work?

        Internet Explorer 10 provides an “add-on free” experience. It supports HTML 5 for video content, but you can’t install toolbars and add-ons in Internet Explorer 10. If you are viewing a webpage that requires an add-on or uses Flash, you can view the content by opening the website in  Internet Explorer […]

How to add Media Center to Windows 8 (Release Preview)

As we know Media Center is no longer an integral part of Windows 8 and will be delivered as an Add-on to Windows 8 for few bucks.                 Windows Media Center is not preinstalled in Windows 8 Release Preview. If you want to use Windows Media Center, you […]

How to shutdown Windows 8

Shutdown Windows 8 and close all apps running on Windows 8 OS is a 3-step process. First move your mouse to the bottom right corner of the Windows 8 screen.       A dynamic menu will appear on the right side of the screen. These controls are new with Windows 8 and they are […]

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