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How To Disable USB Storage Devices In Windows 8 / 7

Step 1: Pull up the Run dialog box and launch the Registry Editor (regedit). Step 2: In Registry Editor, navigate to the following value: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\UsbStor Step 3: From the right-side pane, double-click Start and change the value to “4”. Make sure that the value type is Hexadecimal. Step 4: Apply your changes and reboot the […]

Install stuck at “setup is preparing your computer for first use”…

            1) I clicked SHIFT+F10 to get a command prompt, then typed in devmgmt.msc to get the device manager. It will have the unknown or devices without drivers expanded. I disabled some but I also found that you can install drivers too. If you have all your manufacturer drivers on […]

How to troubleshoot Volume Activation error codes in Windows 7, in Windows Server 2008, and in Windows Vista

How to Increase the number of remembered servers remote desktop list (Remote desktop Recent list)

In order to increase this value: Right click on your Windows button and select Properties Click the Start Menu tab and click the Customize button Down at the bottom you will see the Start menu size options including the “recent programs to display” and the “recent items to display in Jump Lists:” value Increase the size of […]

Configuring updates stage 3 of 3. 0% complete – SYSTEM RESTARTS [Windows Vista , win2008, win7]

First make sure you are able to boot to the desktop. You can try performing the Method 3 suggested in the article ( Try performing the following steps: Start Windows Vista and go to the System Recovery options: 1. Insert the Windows Vista installation disc in the disc drive, and then restart the computer. […]

Quick Tip: The 10 most useful Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts

How to turn your Windows 7 laptop into a wireless hotspot

thanks to a new Windows 7 feature called Virtual Wi-Fi. The idea is a simple one: the operating system can virtualise any compatible wireless adapter, to make it appear as though you’ve as many additional adapters as you need. The effect is dramatic. Once it’s set up, then any Wi-Fi compatible device that can connect […]

The “Desktop Wallpaper” Group Policy setting is not applied in Windows 7 or in Windows Server 2008 R2

n an Active Directory domain network environment, you apply a “Desktop Wallpaper” Group Policy setting to the domain users. However, the setting is not applied to domain users who log on to client computers that are running Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2. This issue varies if the following conditions are true: If the […]

Windows 7: The Missing Manual (2010)

In early reviews, geeks raved about Windows 7. But if you’re an ordinary mortal, learning what this new system is all about will be challenging. Fear not: David Pogue’s Windows 7: The Missing Manual comes to the rescue. Like its predecessors, this book illuminates its subject with reader-friendly insight, plenty of wit, and hardnosed objectivity […]

Solution to Windows 7 Installation Hang at 62% or 72% during Upgrade from Vista

Many users are facing problems with Windows 7 installation while upgrading from Windows Vista. Windows 7 installation stuck or hangs at 62% or 72% when upgrading from Vista via “Upgrade as install method”. The setup process stops and hangs and the system does not respond specially when it reaches 62% or 72% of completion. Even […]

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