Archive for October 31st, 2011

Configuring updates stage 3 of 3. 0% complete – SYSTEM RESTARTS [Windows Vista , win2008, win7]

First make sure you are able to boot to the desktop. You can try performing the Method 3 suggested in the article ( Try performing the following steps: Start Windows Vista and go to the System Recovery options: 1. Insert the Windows Vista installation disc in the disc drive, and then restart the computer. […]

How to move ESET Remote Administrator (ERA) clients from one server to another?

To change the server your clients report to from OLD_SERVER to NEW_SERVER in ESET Remote Administrator (ERA), ERA Server must be running on both servers. You can then direct all the clients under OLD_SERVER’s control to start reporting to NEW_SERVER by following the steps below: From ERA Console, connect to OLD_SERVER. From the Clients tab, […]

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