Conficker – How do I protect myself?

Conficker – How do I protect myself? KB Solution ID: SOLN2209|Last Revised: September 02, 2009

Your risk of exposure to the Win32/Conficker threat is due to a Microsoft operating system vulnerability (Microsoft released a patch for this vulnerability in October 2008). To help avoid infection caused by Microsoft operating system vulnerabilities make sure your computer is always up to date with the latest Microsoft Windows update. You can find the latest updates at

Preventing Infection 
If you do not wish to download all Windows updates but want to ensure that you are at least protected against the Win32/Conficker threats, download the following patches from these Microsoft Security Bulletins:

NOTE: In addition to downloading and installing the latest security patches, you can take other precautionary measures to reduce the risk of infection. Click here for more strategies to minimize the risk of a malware attack. If you are a network administrator, click here for steps you can take to minimize the rest of an infection on your network.

Cleaning Steps 
If you encounter or have encountered the Win32/Conficker malware, a fully updated version of an ESET security product (version 3.0 or later) will clean the infection.

Important! To avoid re-infecting the operating system, it must be patched using the links directly above.

If you don’t have an ESET security product (3.0 or later) installed, you can download and run our standalone cleaner:
To verify that the standalone cleaner removed the Conficker threat, rerun the standalone cleaner and then run a scan with your ESET security product.
After successfully running the ESET standalone cleaner, we recommend that you read the following Microsoft article for information about important security patches and recommended group changes:

NOTE: If the ESET standalone cleaner does not fully remove the Conficker threat, the following Microsoft article also contains manual Conficker removal instructions.

For maximum protection against future threats, make sure your operating system is patched according to Microsoft’s recommendations and that your ESET security product is up to date.
To find further information on protecting yourself against the Conficker worm please refer to our following Conficker (Update) Blog:
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