How to configure the LDAP settings in Gateway Security 8.1 to perform Invalid recipient protection and for authentication while logging into the user self managed quarantine folder.



This document contains procedures that will help you:

Configure the LDAP settings in Gateway Security 8.1 to perform Invalid Recipient Protection.

Successfully authenticate while logging into the user’s self-managed Quarantine folder.


  1. From the Manager console go to Filtering -> Settings -> Enterprise Settings -> LDAP template.
  2. Figure 1

  3. Click on the Add button to create a new LDAP Template and provide a name, then click Next.
  4. You can select the “All domains” option if you want to have one LDAP template for all the domains that Gateway Security is protecting or choose the specific domains.
  5. Figure 2

  6. You can either choose “Auto detect server” OR click the Add button to add a Valid LDAP server name or IP address. This might be your Domain controller, Exchange server, Lotus Domino, LDAP server, etc.
  7. Figure 3

  8. Give the authentication details to connect to the LDAP Server.
    If the LDAP server requires secure authentication, set the Secure type as ‘Use Secure Authentication’ and click Next.
  9. Figure 4

  10. Select the appropriate LDAP Server Type to load the LDAP attributes automatically, and then click Next.
  11. Figure 5

  12. Leave the default pool settings and click Next.
  13. From the Test window you can do the following:
    1. Test for a single email/Distribution list:
      Enter an email address or distribution list email in the appropriate field and click Send Query.
      Gateway Security will query the LDAP server using the LDAP attributes and return whether it is a valid email address or distribution list.
    2. Web Login Test:
      Enter the username and password that you want to use to login to the Quarantine folder and Gateway Security will verify if the specified login credentials are correct.
  14. Figure 6

  15. Click Next and Finish the LDAP template configuration.
  16. Click OK for Enterprise Settings and distribute the changes.
  17. Go to Filtering -> Settings -> Engine Specific Settings -> LDAP Usage and choose the LDAP template which you created in the Enterprise LDAP settings.
    To ensure that Gateway Security accepts incoming emails only for valid recipients, ensure that the option “Enable SMTP Invalid recipient’s protection” is enabled.
  18. Figure 7

  19. Click Ok and distribute the engine changes.
  20. Go to Filtering -> Settings -> Enterprise Settings ->Quarantine and choose the LDAP template that you want to use to authenticate the users when they try to log into their Quarantine folder.
  21. Figure 8

  22. Click Ok and distribute the changes.


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