How to Enable Drag and Drop in Windows 11 Using Registry

Enable Drag and Drop using Windows Registry Editor

SPECIAL NOTE* After This registry entry some times start menu will not work with latest build’s of Windows 11 like mine was 21H2 (OS Build 2200.739), if that happened to you just delete the added registry and and reboot.

You can enable and adjust the drag and drop sensitivity settings in Windows by creating a system restore point in the Windows Registry Editor. For example, to enable drag and drop in Windows 11 using the Windows Registry Editor, follow the given steps.

  1. Press Windows + R on your keyboard
  2. This will open the Run command box. 
  3. In the command box, type in the following command “regedit” and press OK.
  4. The Windows Registry Editor is now visible on your screen
  5. Now, navigate to the below-mentioned path
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Shell \Update\Packages

6 Now, right-click on the blank white space on the right navigation pane
7 Here, choose New > DWORD (32-bit) Value. 
8 This will create a new value in the registry editor
9 Right-click on this newly created value file
10 Choose Rename
11 Rename this value file as follows UndockingDisabled
12 Right-click on UndockingDisabled
13 Select Modify
14 Now, change the value to 0 to 1
15 Click OK to save the settings 

Now restart your computer. After restart, you will notice the taskbar will appear same as like in Windows 10 and the drag and drop functionality feature will now be restored on your computer. 
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