IE8 and FF3 Crash while playing songs on

IE (internet explorer) FF (firefox) mozilla users please uninstall flash player v 10 and install version 9

Visit this link and download Flash player uninstall utility for windows

After uninstall using the utility restart your pc.

After the restart install this.

Flash player 9 for IE users

Flash player 9 for mozilla/firefox downloadlink

Try now..If it works do not update your flash player to v 10 b cos still v 10 has some bugs..

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10 Responses to “IE8 and FF3 Crash while playing songs on”

  1. jinantha says:

    This never works. I’m using windows 7 with IE8, Firefox latest and Chrome latest as of today. For all of the browsers the plugin crashes.

    I hope or rather wish, that slhits will change to different online player. Coz as I know, most of its listener base is facing this issue. And sooner or later they will find some other site that will cater similar media without an issue.

    Thank you

  2. admin says:

    Hi! Jinantha,

    Did you try uninstalling Flash player 10 for IE and reinstalling Flash player 9??

  3. jinantha says:

    Nop, I will try it and see.
    Thanks for the feedback!

  4. Dan says:

    I also has the same problem. It never works with Win 7 and crashes on IE runs on XP pro.

  5. admin says:

    Dea Friends Please unistall Flash player 10 and install 9 ..its nothing to do with the site.its a bug in Flash player 10.not only for this error can see on lots of other Streeming sites.

  6. Dan says:

    Thanks Brother. It worked. I can use it without any broblem on Win 7. Thanks again. Keep up your good work. Good luck.

  7. Ashan says:

    Thanks for your immediate action. My problem is solved.
    Thank You very Much.

  8. chumaniac says:

    im using a mac v10.4.11 ( tiger)
    both my safari 4 AND firefox 3 is crashing on

    what can i do???
    i would prefer if a solution thru safri is found pleasE?


  9. admin says:

    To download Flash player uninstaller for Safari

    Flash player installer for Mac

    Hope this will fix your safari issue.

  10. Lavan says:


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