Windows 7 System Maintenance Tool

With Windows 7 Microsoft introduces a system maintenance tool. You are curious what it is doing, right?

It checks for:
– Broken shortcuts
– Unused desktop icons
– Troubleshooting history / Error reports taking up disk space
– System Timecorrection
– Disk Volume errors

And also collects system information:


Random Info: I took both screens with the new Windows 7 snipping tool, which will increase your productivity a lot. What I don’t like about it is the red border and it saves the file extension in uppercase-letters if you do not type them in.

Anyway, I think Microsoft should deliver all the tools we know from TuneUpUtilites. I do not want to buy additional software to do all the tweaks that are hidden in the registry.

They should include:

– Optimize performance / disable certain graphic elements

– Registry cleaner

– Cookie / Temp cleaner

– Clear History / Favorites / etc

– Advanced Defrag

What else would you like in there  if you could change the system maintenance tool ?


This is the latest system maintenance tool:

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