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How to Turn Your Windows 8 Laptop into a Wireless Access Point

      A lot of companies are starting to sell portable 3G routers that you can take with you when you go out, but what happens when you forget, luckily How-To Geek is here to save the day with this neat command line trick. Creating Your Own WI-FI Hotspot Press the Windows + R […]

Killing a Windows Service that seems to hang on “Stopping”

It sometimes happens (and it’s not a good sign most of the time): you’d like to stop a Windows Service, and when you issue the stop command through the SCM (Service Control Manager) or by using the ServiceProcess classes in the .NET Framework or by other means (net stop, Win32 API), the service remains in […]

Retrieve License Details In ESET

ESET’s customers can recover a lost Username and/or Password by entering the email address used to purchase or activate the software or the Username, below. To find your username, open the ESET Smart Security or ESET NOD32 Antivirus main program window and click Update → Username and Password setup. Your username will appear in the […]

How to manually install the Alert Manager for BrightStor ARCserve Backup For Windows

Description When trying to launch the Alert Manager, the Alert Manager may not launch or the following error message is produced, “Failed to open the Alert Service” Solution This problem may occur when the Alert Manager Component is not working properly. To resolve this problem without affecting the ARCserve base option use the following steps […]

Configuring updates stage 3 of 3. 0% complete – SYSTEM RESTARTS [Windows Vista , win2008, win7]

First make sure you are able to boot to the desktop. You can try performing the Method 3 suggested in the article ( Try performing the following steps: Start Windows Vista and go to the System Recovery options: 1. Insert the Windows Vista installation disc in the disc drive, and then restart the computer. […]

How to move ESET Remote Administrator (ERA) clients from one server to another?

To change the server your clients report to from OLD_SERVER to NEW_SERVER in ESET Remote Administrator (ERA), ERA Server must be running on both servers. You can then direct all the clients under OLD_SERVER’s control to start reporting to NEW_SERVER by following the steps below: From ERA Console, connect to OLD_SERVER. From the Clients tab, […]

How do I configure a Mirror server using ESET Smart Security Business Edition or ESET NOD32 Antivirus Business Edition?

Configuring an ESET client solution as a local Mirror Server ESET Smart Security Business Edition and ESET NOD32 Antivirus Business Edition client solutions can be configured to store copies of virus signature update files, much like a standard Mirror server. These virus signature files can then be used to update other workstations that are running […]

How to Change Licence key Kaspersky 6

  How to install a new key file:  open Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0 or Kaspersky Internet Security 6.0 main application window  go to the Service tab left-click the License Info section in the open window click the Activate button  in the Setup Wizard window select Apply existing license key  click Next Note: if the currently used […]

Eset Standalone malware removal tools

ESET security products automatically identify and clean the majority of infected files. Occationally, infiltrations require a special removal tool to completely clean the system. ESET provides tools to remove particularly resilient threats, including rogue antivirus programs and malware. If you are experiencing trouble removing one of the following viruses, you can download the relevant malware […]

My ESET firewall is blocking the HomeGroup feature in Windows 7. How do I fix it?

If the Windows 7 HomeGroup feature is having difficulty connecting to other users, your ESET Smart Security Perasonal firewall may be blocking the connection. To allow HomeGroup connectivity, you will need to create rules on every computer protected by the ESET Smart Security firewall on the network. Open the main program window by clicking the […]

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