How to Disable Clicking Sound from Internet Explorer in Vista and Windows 7?

Have you ever thought that the clicking sound is annoying when you click on the links in Internet Explorer (IE7 or IE8) or refresh the Window? Especially in the night when your friends or family members are sleeping and when you browse? Then disabling that clicking sound will be a good option. Unfortunately you can’t disable it from IE and you have to do it through the system sound settings.

So how to disable the clicking sound in IE?


Go to Start button –> Control Panel –> Hardware and Sound.

Under Sound, click Change System Sounds.

There you will see the list of programs whose sound system is managed by Windows Vista,  Scroll down to see Windows Explorer. There choose Start Navigation and from the Sounds drop down menu choose None. Click OK.


You may also want to change the settings for Complete Navigation to None, if its not already set to None. Also if you don’t want any noise while you are browsing, you can also disable the sound when you have a blocked pop-up window. Choose Blocked Pop-up Window and change it to None.

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