Merging two AVI (DivX) files using VirtualDub


Ever had that urge to merge 2 video’s ? For example you converted your favorite DVD to AVI and every VOB is converted seperatly ? Well, then this might be helpfull for you; Merging the files…

For this we need VirtualDub by Avery Lee, you can it at the VirtualDub site. Download it and install it. For additional info take also a look at the VirtualDub page on this website.

Now the process is pretty straight forward.

You can only merge files to one file at a time. So if you have more than 2 files to merge then first merge file A and B.

Just for example purposes, let’s say we have these files A, B, C and D. And we would like to merge these to file ABCD.

Step 1. Merge file A and B, let’s call this merged file AB.
Step 2. Merge file AB and C, let’s call this ABC.
Finally merge ABC with file D.

Note: all files merged MUST to be of EXACTLY the same format !


1. open VirtualDub.

2. Select “File” – “Open video file…” (or just press CTRL+O) and select the first file you want to have for your merge (in our example: file A).

3. Select “Video” and click on “Direct Stream Copy“.

4. Select “File” – “Append video segment” -> if the file formats don’t match, VirtualDub will warn you.

5. Select “File” – “Save AVI” (or press F7)

6. If you have more than 2 files to merge, then select “File” – “Close video file” and repeat step 2 to 6 until you have merged all files.

Note: Simply useing the copy command (DOS or Windows Command Shell) will not work since the AVI header does not contain the proper timecode anymore. The mergefile will be bigger, but at the end of the first AVI the movie will halt.

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